Hi there. It’s been a while, huh?

We just had a really fun, but really busy summer. Mommy was off of work for the whole summer! So we spent a lot of time with mommy and had a great time.

But it didn’t start out so great. On my fourth birthday, a very strong storm blew through Washington. We lost power for four whole days! And it was 105 degrees outside. And I was sick (so was Daddy). So it wasn’t the best. But Pop and Mimi were up here to celebrate my birthday, so that helped. And then Grandmama came up to see me as well.

The summer did get better, though. Right after my birthday, I got a kitten! Here’s Butter:

My kitty, Butter

And a bunch of my cousins came by later for a makeup birthday party:

All eight of us!

We joined a pool and Mommy, Lily, and I spent a lot of time there. It was awesome:

Mommy loves the pool

Our cousins even joined us at the pool some days!

Swimming makes you hungry

Lily is still the cutest thing IN THE WORLD!


Watch out. She’ll wink at you.

This is nice.

But sometimes, the backyard pool is all you need.

We didn’t take any big trips, like to Georgia. So we missed our cousin Adam. But we did get to go to the beach with our other cousins!

This is what happens when you mix cousins with a big beach and plenty of shovels.

Lily is still a fan of the beach.

I like it, too.

The beach

We did some other stuff, of course:

I rode a bike!

Here’s Lily with our friend, Maria.

Down at the very nice park along the river in Georgetown.

Ice cream close to our house in downtown Silver Spring.

Look at Lily’s face! She got it painted at this great birthday party we went to.

I also got a new bed. It’s a bunk bed! I made Mommy and Daddy buy it, and I LOVE sleeping on the top bunk!

Mommy is reading to us in the bottom bunk, in a poorly taken picture from Daddy.


Mommy is not working, so Lily and I get to go on all sorts of adventures with her. Today, we rode the train at Wheaton Regional Park with our friend Maria.We had a great time!

Choo Choo!


A few days ago we said goodbye to Nani.  We are going to school in the fall, so we will not go to her house for daycare anymore. Nani has taken care of me and Lily for more than two years. She is amazing. She is patient, loving, and full of joy. We are going to miss her so much.

Hannah, Marisol, and Lily

I am looking forward to lazy days by the pool with Mommy this summer. Now that her work is over for a few weeks, Lily and I will be hanging at home until we start school in the fall. I will take swimming lessons and we are going to go to the beach. And don’t forget- I have a birthday coming up at the end of this month! It should be a fun few weeks.  Mommy is particularly excited that my hair has grown out enough to tuck behind my ears now.

Sharing a laugh in the backyard

Lily is checking out the vegetable garden

Well, we’ve been missing again. It happens. But we’re back now to share some of the highlights of our Sping with you. It all started when we went to the Beach for Spring Break with Angela, Jason, Caroline, Marlo, and Jimmy. The beach is like a huge sandbox where the ocean come to visit. Here are some pictures from the beach:

Here I am with my cousin Marlo sharing a beach chair

Lily and I played in the giant sand chair that Jason made

Lily ate a little sand while I built a sandcastle

I finally tested out the ocean. In a crazy twist, the only person who I let take me to the water was Jason. He’s great.

Lily was not so in to the ocean. But she was excited for the Game of Thrones season premiere.

I was tickled when the water came up to our beach blanket and got everything wet. Mommy and Jason decided to handle it by continuing the beach hangout anyway. Daddy and Lily left.

The grownups tackled this 1500 piece puzzle. It was awesome.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was this frozen custard. See the love on my face?

The beach kicked off a fun season of warm-ish weather. Mommy and daddy get us out the the playground as often as possible.  Here are some pictures from out outside adventures over the past few weeks:

Down by Sligo Creek

Lily in her pigtails


Swingin’ Lily Style

Mommy gets a hard time from other parents for pushing me so high on the big girl swing. I think it’s awesome.

Sometimes we get to play with Maria, which is great

Other times we play with our cousin Lucas. He’s such a big boy!

The playground is great, but we’ve had fun doing other stuff, to.  Here are some of our other exploits:

Picking daisys in the front yard

Loving mommy’s azaleas

Making pizza with big Hannah and Zoe, who babysat us one night

Riding high on Uncle Matthew’s shoulders

Tiptoe-ing through the buttercups at the May Fair

I rode a pony…again! (Mommy still can’t get Lily to take a ride)

Easter Sunday at grandmas

There are more. Lots more. But here’s a taste of my favorite pictures from the last few months. Can’t wait to see what summer brings!

Lily is growing up really fast! She has a super fun second birthday party. I really liked it because grandmama came all the way from Georgia to be here. Our grandma and grandpa and uncles and aunties came, too.  Plus a buncha cousins. It was really great. Check out some pictures from the day:

Lily is making a funny face with Mommy and Daddy

We all love cake!

Especially Lily

There was a lotta yummy food

Lily posed for some pictures with her grandpa. She has a special bond with grandpa.

I wanted in on this fun

Uncle David read the Dr. Seuss birthday book to everyone. He's so funny.

Lily loves her some Uncle Zack

Yeah, flamingos.

Here is Lily at Zoo Atlanta. We’ll have many more photos of our holiday trip soon. But in the meantime…flamingos!

I bet they were cold